The Food Workshops | Recipes | Cinnamon Star Biscuits

This is an old family recipe. Each year we would have great fun making these biscuits with granny at Christmas time. They are a delicious treat around the house at Christmas and they also make a lovely present to give to family and friends. You will need the following:

A star biscuit cutter

3 egg whites

300g of icing sugar

1 desert spoon of cinnamon

1 desert spoon of kirsh or brandy

350g ground almonds

A sprinkle of sugar


Beat the egg whites to stiff and holding peaks.  Mix in the sifted icing sugar, take out 100ml of this and set aside for icing. Add the Kirsh or brandy, followed by the ground almonds. Kneed it all together.

Sprinkle some sugar on to your work surface and roll out the mixture to 1/2 cm to 3/4 cm thickness. If it's too big, do it in 2 lots. Cut out your stars and place them on a baking tray lined with baking parchment, then, brush them with the icing which you set aside earlier.

Finally, let the stars dry out for a few hours before baking them in a hot preheated oven at 230° for 3-5 min. If baking in the Aga use the roasting oven.