The Food Workshops | Recipes | Baked Apples With Toffee Sauce

Serves 4

For The Bakes Apples

4 apples cored, peeled and coated in lemon juice (granny smith, cox, jonagold)

50g of raisins

50g of pecans

4-5 figs pre soaked, ready to eat

25g butter




Preheat oven to 180° or use the baking oven if you use an Aga. Mix the raisins, pecans, chopped figs and the butter together, then fill the cavity in the apples with the mixture, stuffing as much as possible inside each one. Place the apples on a buttered oven dish and dot each apple with any remaining butter. Drizzle with a little honey and a little cinnamon if you wish.  Cook the apples for 45-55 minutes, until they are soft. While the apples are cooking you can make the sauce.

Making The Toffee Sauce

150ml whipping cream or double cream

60g caster sugar

1 tablespoon of water


Heat the cream to simmering point. Heat the sugar and water in a separate saucepan until the sugar has melted. Let it go to a deep caramel colour. Add half the cream very slowly and stir it into the caramel mixture, then follow with the rest, until it is all well incorporated.


Put the apples on plates and spoon the sauce over them, If you wish you can serve them with more cream or ice cream.